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Teens Painting Africa to Greatness: Gedepresunpre Agorsor


From his Ghanaian base and roots, 18years old aesthetics creative, Gedepresunpre Agorsor has put social media in awe with his paintings which portray Africa’s greatness as they gradually make him a global phenom.

Whilst still being a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology, the teenage artist, is already carving his own unique pattern of art by exploring common natural products such as; charcoal, clay, wood, acrylic, watercolour, pencil and oil paint to bring the beautiful African images in his mind to reality, to inspire hope for Africa and show her greatness.

‘I am not just any artist who likes to paint for the sake of it, I design my works in such a way to inspire hope for every African, and to show forth our greatness… I tend to touch the dept of African strength and to awake our consciousness to who we truly are and what we are capable of becoming if we take the path of greatness’

Gedepresunpre Agorsor

Gedepresunpre Agorsor creating a painting. Image Source: Vanguard News

Interestingly, looking at his family, it gets easy to pin down where Gedepresunpre must’ve gotten his rare talent and Afrocentrism from. He has had the privilege of growing in a home that embraces culture, art and African values, and evidently, he has embraced that privilege.

In fact, right from when Gedepresunpre was in primary school, at Ghana’s first private international school, Soul Clinic International, art held a peculiar attraction for him. And that was why he was already participating in and leading efforts to produce school drama and musical recitals by sixth grade.

Even in his early childhood, Gedepresunpre also used to recite poems, play the conga and xylophone and present painting or clay works that received praise from various authorities.

After completing his O’Levels, he continued to East Airport International School and gained an A’Level Certification. He currently studies while enjoying his art.

Here is another African teenager going for gold, and we love to see it!

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