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Nigerian Teenager Builds Toy Lamborghini 2021 Car With Mobile Seats


If you ever needed any more proof of Nigeria’s blessedness with amazing human resources, this Nigerian teenager, Ikechukwu Divine Oramife’s story should suffice.

In a video interview with BBC News Pidgin, he showcased the toy cars he has made so far with local materials. He even built an excavator prototype.

Now 15 years old, he said he has been honing the craft since he was 11, since when he had built a helicopter, aeroplane, and a tricycle (Keke) among others.

How He Built It

Furthermore, the inventive teenager also shared that aluminium, Dunlop, super glue and copper wire are some of his materials. He used glued pieces of Dunlop to make tyres and a scrapped DVD player to make the electric motor in the car.

He also added that he spent one month and two weeks building the Lambo while the excavator was built in a month and two days.

Beating The Odds

For Ikechukwu, the Lambo has been his most challenging creation to build so far.

It includes the feature that allows the seat to come out and go back in before the door closes. He had to work on the door five times before it worked. And, for the first time, he built a special pad that acts like a remote control for the toy.

Finally, Ikechechukwu revealed that he dreams of one day becoming an automobile engineer.

Ikechukwu is another Nigerian teenager going for gold. And it is so lovely to see.

Watch The Video Here.

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