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Laudable anti teenage pregnancy project launches in Uganda


The Gabula Royal Foundation last weekend launched their anti teenage-pregnancy project in Uganda.

The project, called Ebisaizi, piloted activities in Butembe Chiefdom. It seeks to prevent teenage pregnancies in communities by giving youngsters, both boys and girls, a chance at life through cricket.

The projects runs concurrently with another Gabula Royal Foundation Project which seeks to address non-communicable diseases, fitness and mental health issues, and is currently operational in Budondo Sub-county in the villages of Kivubuka and Buwagi.

Sharing his thoughts on the anti teenage pregnancy initiative, Gabula Royal Foundation Executive Director, Mr. Isaac Imaka said:

“We choose to address teenage Pregnancies in a different way because we think trying to address it by giving capital and other material help to a girl when she has already been impregnated is somehow akin to making the problem lucrative. So we want to arrest it before it happens hence the introduction of Cricket in communities and as they play they will be taught about the dangers of teenage pregnancies. Both girls and boys.”

Isaac Imaka

The initiative engaged over 100 teenagers on the first weekend. It is to run for four months in every sub-county, after which trained local volunteers will carry on with the activities under minimal supervision from the foundation, as the project move to other areas in Busoga.

The project’s sporting and prevention-focused sex education activities will hold from Friday to Sunday every week. The project managers will continually monitor its performance whilst continuing to seek ways to secure much-needed funding.

With teenage pregnancies being one of the biggest problems Uganda’s Busoga is currently facing, this project touches on one of the kingdom’s most critical pain points. And the lives of the kingdom’s teenagers will definitely be better for it.

Gabula Royal Foundation is a legacy Foundation established by the HRH William Nadiope IV to contribute to the development of Busoga by focusing on four pillars: Education, Health, Youth Development, and Girls and Women.

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