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Anti-cybercrime campaign in Benin city with Project Inspire.


On 22nd June, the Project Inspire School Tour stopped in Victory High School, Benin city. Starting at 11am, the program featured a keynote session on the campaign’s theme, “Creating Value: ditching the get rich quick mentality” led by Eric Okomado, a prolific writer and seasoned speaker with experience working with adolescents and young people.

The session was followed by break out mentoring sessions facilitated by our volunteers, Kosi Njoagwuani, Evelyn Obasohan, and Ogaga Akpughe. This session was guided by our training manual – Incentivizing Teenagers against Cybercrime and the Get-Rich-Quick Syndrome – designed by the Executive Director, Pelumi Obisesan.

Training a total of 100 teenagers, the Benin state project manager, Evelyn Obasohan led on the implementation of this paradigm shifting event.

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